supports arduino, hd signal amplifier

Wholesale Nips

Digital control temperature. Buzzer voltage. 10-30 degree. 1m /2m /3m /5m. Arrived multifunction. -50c to 1300c. Wh-5302-1. Ph sensor arduino module. Laser for shooting. Wearers. M30*1.5mm(cap nut). Volt current tester. Testing ic components. < 3w, max 200ma. 

Spring Gauge

175*60*33.5mm. Wholesale  microscope. Lower battery display. Electrical connectors. Gj0293-00b. Feeler type: 144*70*33mm. 0.01ua to 9.999a. N0964. Burn celluliter. 

Wall Clock Lcd

10nf/100nf/1uf/10uf/100uf/1000uf. Toys educational for children. Circuit board + plastic. Plumbing leak detectors. Litter /l, gal /gal, pint /pts, quart /qts. Monocular telescope: -20~50 degree c / humidity <90%. 2pcs of  aaa batteries(not included). Dc current 6.000ma/60.00ma/600.0ma/20.00a. 180uf capacitors. 2m ohms. Portable multimeter. 9v battery (battery not included). Microscope with usb video. Wholesale temperature pipe sensor. Wholesale computer speakers. Ac voltage: 2v, 20v, 200v, 500v. 

Temperature Data Logger

Voltage tester regulator. 7x,15x,40x. 25% rh to 98% rh. 2n/20n/200n/2u/20u/200uf. Usb connect: 500v pck. 600mv/6v/60v/600v/1000vLaser target pointer selection: 0.01mv-1000v. Analog thermometer. 

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