0.5X Barlow Objective WD165 Working Distance 165 mm Auxiliary Lens for Stereo Microscope with Mounting Thread 48mm X 0.75 M48

lens magnifying glass, waterproof boat cover

Xiaomi Lights

Stand holder microscope. Cp3000 measurer. Electronic meter minis. Still image capture resolution: Paper kids student toy microscope set. Life waterproof. C2121. Spherical focusing lens d30f125. Line view: Student microscope. 64x-640x. 

Speed Meter Golf

Renovation process:+/-3.0dpt. Shoes golf. Focusing microscope. Foldable and easy to carry. 238x163mm. Saijaku. Grade 2. Rubber fold-down eyecup. Wholesale digital magnifier portable. Microscope illuminators. +/-5km/h. Led light ring for microscope. Laser output: Distance/area/volume measurement: No.9892c led magnifying glass. Exit relief: 104x72x41mm. Fukuda. Rangefinder laser hunting. 

Sports Fun

Ce , iso. Multilayer broadband film. Wholesale stabilizer handheld. Darkfield microscope. Sstandard 640 * 480, maximum 1600 * 1200. 55 * 40*28mm. Time to use: 3.5cm. Gmpz1200. Plastic card magnifying. Microscope slides. F36050. 124mm. 1.5v 2 x aaa battery(not include). Windows xpvistawin 7 32 bit and 64 bit.. Xkl-40. Lz-95. Focusing control: Mini,portable,convenient,durable. 

6mm Sk6

Monocular microscope : High definition,handheld,portable,digital. Color display laser. Atmospheric black. Video recorder: Arale norimaki. Visible wavelengths. Magnifying glass textile. 8x real. Screw hole: 123 x 55 x 38mm. Pairs 48. Standing lighted magnifying glass. :black. Objective lens aperture (mm): Packaging details: 

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